Kay Bojesen: The Man Behind the Wooden Toys

Kay Bojesen: The Man Behind the Wooden Toys

Nov 28, 2022Habitus Shop

Kay Bojesen was a Danish designer who is most famous for his wooden animal figurines. His designs are still popular today, over 50 years after he first created them. His animals are carved from wood and finished with paint or lacquer, and they have been featured in galleries all over the world. Even if you've never heard of Kay Bojesen before, there's a good chance you'll recognize his work.

Born in 1886, Kay Bojesen began his career as an apprentice at the royal Copenhagen Silverfoundry. He went on to study at the Polytechnic Institute and the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he refined his skills in design and metalworking. In 1915, he opened his own workshop, where he created some of his most iconic pieces, including the Kay Bojesen Monkey and the Kay Bojesen Elephant. Kay Bojesen's designs are characterized by their simplicity, functionality, and humor. His work continues to be produced by leading Danish companies such as Rosendahl and Georg Jensen. Kay Bojesen died in 1958, but his legacy lives on in his timeless designs.

His early designs were functional and understated, but he later became known for his whimsical wooden animals. The Monkey is perhaps his most famous design, and it was first created in 1951. Made from teak or rosewood, the Monkey has a distinct personality and has been a popular children's toy for generations. Today, Kay Bojesen's designs are highly sought-after by collectors, and his playful wooden animals continue to bring joy to children and adults alike.

Kay Bojesen's wooden monkey has been a beloved part of Danish design for over half a century. First designed in 1951, the monkey quickly became a symbol of Scandinavian design, with its simple lines and playful personality. Today, the monkey is one of Kay Bojesen's most iconic designs, and can be found in museums and homes around the world. The Monkey is not only a beautiful piece of design, but it is also a reminder of the joy that can be found in everyday objects. Kay Bojesen's monkeys are still made by hand in Denmark, and each one is unique. They are a cherished part of Danish design history, and a treasured gift for anyone who loves Scandinavian style.

Habitus Kay Bojesen Wooden Monkey

In addition to his iconic wooden Monkey, Bojesen also designed other popular toys, including the Elephant the Hippo, the Lovebirds, the Bear and many more. Kay Bojesen's toys are known for their timeless appeal and quality craftsmanship. Today, Kay Bojesen's son, Svend Kay Bojesen, continues to produce Kay Bojesen's original wooden toys from the Kay Bojesen workshop in Denmark. These beautiful toys are cherished by children and adults alike and are truly timeless classics.

Habitus Kay Bojesen Wooden Elephant

Kay Bojesen was a Danish designer whose work spanned many different mediums and genres. He is best known for his wooden animal figurines, which are still popular today. His Designs were influenced by both traditional Danish folk art and modernist styles. Bojesen's animals are noted for their expressive faces and whimsical personalities, which endear them to children and adults alike. If you're looking for a unique gift that will be cherished for years to come, consider one of Kay Bojesen's beautiful wooden animals.

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