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Kay Bojesen


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Kay Bojesen’s many figures are popular with children and adults alike, and this one is no exception. The hippo was originally designed in 1955 to look after the designer’s pencil on his desk, and this updated version keeps up the tradition! The hippo is made of beech, painted with blackboard paint, so you can write messages, little notes or use it as a desktop checklist. To make it easier to write on, this hippo is approximately .8" taller and wider than the one currently in the range. The white chalk is provided in the box. A Kay Bojesen classic that will accompany its owner throughout life’s journey.

Painted Beech
Kay Bojesen Denmark
Product Care 
Wipe With Dry Cloth
No Direct Sun

Kay Bojesen, a revered Danish designer, epitomizes the essence of Scandinavian design and mid-century modern aesthetics through his iconic creations. Renowned for his timeless wooden toys and homeware, Bojesen's designs exude charm, simplicity, and functionality. Each piece, from his beloved monkey and wooden animals to his elegant tableware and accessories, reflects the hallmark Scandinavian principles of craftsmanship and design excellence. Bojesen's designs seamlessly blend form and function, offering not only playful companionship but also enduring beauty for generations to come. Rooted in the belief that good design should bring joy to everyday life, Kay Bojesen's creations continue to captivate audiences worldwide with their timeless appeal and impeccable craftsmanship, making them cherished treasures in any Scandinavian-inspired home.

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