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A Look at the Furniture Design of Børge Mogensen

Dec 09, 2022Habitus Shop

Børge Mogensen is one of the most influential furniture designers of all time. He was an innovator in modern Danish design, and his work has been widely praised for its simplicity, functionality, and timeless appeal. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the unique style and designs of Børge Mogensen. 

Børge Mogensen began designing furniture in the 1930s, when he joined the architects’ collective in Copenhagen. At this point, he had already developed an interest in modern design principles, which would form the basis for much of his future work. During this period, he designed pieces that were simple yet stylish—pieces that focused on utility and comfort over aesthetics. This aesthetic would become known as “Danish Modern” style—a style that would go on to influence other designers around the world. 

In 1949, Børge opened his own studio and began designing furniture for mass production. His designs focused on elegance and practicality; they were designed to last while still being aesthetically pleasing. He was one of the first to use a combination of wood veneers with metal frames in making chairs and tables (the now-classic Scandinavian modernism). His designs are characterized by their clean lines, subtle curves, and minimal ornamentation. They often feature natural materials like wood or leather combined with metal or plastic elements to create a sleek yet comfortable look. 

Børge's works have been celebrated by many for their distinctive style as well as their lasting beauty. His pieces are still popular today—they can be found in homes all over the world, from mid-century modern enthusiasts to contemporary design fans alike. His works are also highly collectible; original pieces from the 1950s can fetch thousands at auction houses today due to their rarity and historical importance.

The Famous Furniture Designs of Børge Mogensen

The Spanish Chair
One of Mogensen’s most famous pieces is the Spanish Chair, which he designed in 1958. The chair features an eye-catching curved backrest that appears to be floating above its solid oak frame. It is also made with an extra thick cushion for added comfort. The chair was inspired by traditional Spanish furniture from the 17th century, hence its name. This piece has become a classic example of Danish mid-century modern design and is still in production today.

Habitus London Borge Mogensen Spanish Chair

The J39 Chair
Mogensen’s J39 Chair is perhaps even more iconic than his Spanish Chair. The J39 was designed in 1947 and was instantly hailed as a masterpiece of Scandinavian design. It features a low profile and slightly angled backrest, which gives it an elegant silhouette while still offering plenty of support and comfort for its sitter. Despite its simple appearance, it took over eight years for Mogensen to perfect this design due to its complex construction methods.

Habitus London Borge Mogensen J39 Chair

The Hunting Table
Another one of Mogensen’s popular designs is his Hunting Table from 1944. This table was designed specifically for use in hunting lodges, but has since been adapted for use in homes due to its versatility and style. It features two removable leaves that can extend the table from 4 feet up to 6 feet when extended fully. Its simple design combines form with function perfectly; it looks great while also being incredibly practical for everyday use.

Habitus London Borge Mogensen Hunter Table

Børge Mogensen was one of Denmark's most influential designers and his work continues to inspire new generations of designers around the world today. His iconic designs such as the Spanish Chair, J39 chair, and Hunting Table remain examples of timeless mid-century modern design that will never go out of style. Whether you're looking for an iconic piece from mid-century modern history or simply want to add some stylish flair to your home decor, it's hard not to appreciate Børge Mogensen's work! With its elegant lines and practical appeal, it's easy to see why so many people still love his furniture today.

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