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Piet Hein Bar Chair, Black Edition With Armrest

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Multi-talented artist Piet Hein is one of Denmark’s greatest natural treasures: a creative genius familiar to most, either by virtue of his ingenious ‘grook’ verse or from having dined while seated around one of his superellipse™ tables. The unique superellipse™ shape is also the basis for the PIET HEIN chair, designed by Piet Hein for the table of the same name, but which was never previously put into production. Sibast Furniture is now remedying this. In close collaboration with Piet Hein’s family, this Danish furniture maker is presenting the superelliptical chair for the very first time.

As was the case with the superellipse™ table, the PIET HEIN chair took almost a decade to develop, from the initial idea until the final piece of furniture was completed in 1968. 
The superelliptical bar chair stands out as a fine example of Piet Hein’s manner of envisaging form and function. His ability to cut to the bone, both in words and physical materials, is undeniable, which perhaps explains why the chair still looks refreshingly modern.

Design: Piet Hein
Year Of Design Origin: 1968/2021
Material: Chrome - Wood Oak or Walnut Veneer
Dimensions: High: 42.5”H x 29.5”SH x 21.6”W | Low: 38.5”H x 25.6”SH x 19.2”W
Treatment: Black lacquer/ Walnut, lacquer/Oak white pigmented lacquer
Upholstery: Wooden seat/wool
Back: Wooden veneer

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