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Audo Copenhagen

Line Candle Holder


With a sharp sense of contemporary Functionalist style, Mogens Lassen designed the iconic Kubus candleholder in 1962, a piece once reserved solely for family and close architect colleagues. In 1983 he reapproached his own geometric candleholders, and the result was Line, whose shape was conceived through a mathematical formula. The two candleholders form a single line, and the architectural look fits perfectly with contemporary minimalism. Kubus and Line is still crafted in Denmark, and among architects and design connoisseurs it has achieved the status of a modern international design icon.

6.3''H x 3.94''W x 3.94''L



Mogens Lassen, hailed as one of Denmark’s foremost architects, spearheaded Danish Functionalism, influenced by Bauhaus principles. His interior designs seamlessly extend his architectural ethos, imbuing everyday living spaces with enhanced energy and atmosphere. Whether creating decorative objects or larger furniture pieces, Lassen’s designs strike a harmonious balance, effortlessly integrating into any environment while maintaining a subtle yet distinctive presence.


Audo Copenhagen is a renowned Danish design company specializing in creating high-quality, minimalist furniture, lighting, and accessories. Formed from the merger of Menu and by Lassen, Audo emphasizes Scandinavian design principles, combining functionality with timeless aesthetics. The company collaborates with a diverse range of designers to produce innovative and sustainable products that are appreciated worldwide.

Mogens Lassen
Audo Copenhagen