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Audo Copenhagen

Ingeborg Sofa, Textile


The beautiful and expressive lounge sofa was originally designed in 1940 by architect Flemming Lassen. Ingeborg Sofa is based on the same design expression as the recently launched lounge chair Ingeborg, and together the two now form a matching duo. The elegant, curvy armrests add character to the design and give the impression of a warm embrace.

Sheepskin is a natural material and may vary in texture, colour, etc. for each product.

29.93'' H x 29.93'' W x 63''L

Foam, oak, plywood, steel, webbing / belts, webbing


Flemming Lassen, an architect credited with introducing functionalism to Denmark, was renowned for his meticulous craftsmanship and unique artistic expression. Influenced by Mies van der Rohe and the Bauhaus movement, he embraced a "less is more" philosophy emphasizing form, function, and innovative materials tailored to human needs. Lassen's designs feature timeless silhouettes that continue to inspire contemporary aesthetics.


Audo Copenhagen is a renowned Danish design company specializing in creating high-quality, minimalist furniture, lighting, and accessories. Formed from the merger of Menu and by Lassen, Audo emphasizes Scandinavian design principles, combining functionality with timeless aesthetics. The company collaborates with a diverse range of designers to produce innovative and sustainable products that are appreciated worldwide.

Flemming Lassen
Audo Copenhagen