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Design House Stockholm

Arrow Hanger


Arrow Hanger can support 40lbs when retracted, when closed there are still three hooks on which to hang various items. When not in use, Arrow will adorn the wall like an iconic graphic symbol, or you can create various patterns using several hangers. Gustav Hallen found inspiration in the foldable mast ladder of a sailing boat.

6.25"W x 1"D x 8"H

Powder coated aluminum.

If in stock, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. If not in stock, please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.


Gustav Hallén is a Swedish designer who works at his own design company, Hallén in Stockholm. The company operates in a broad field of design, including product and graphic design. Hallén has received the Red Dot Design Award for its 2009 design of the Arrow coat hanger.


Founded in 1992, Design House Stockholm has modern furniture, fashion, lighting, accessories, tableware, and limited studio editions. Unlike conventional producers, they have positioned themselves as publishers of design and work with designers in a similar way that publishers work with authors.

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