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Cache Console


The foundation of the Cache series, part of Paul McCobb’s extensive Planner series, is a beautifully simplistic and easy table with slim and straight steel legs, stripped from any details or ornament, leaving only small drawers that can be mounted individually or grouped on either side of the table for small keepings. The series is complimented with the matching Desk Organizer with two drawers and a shelf supported by a steel frame.

Designer: Paul McCobb
Dimensions: 60" L x 22"W x 28.5" H
Frame in steel with black powder coating
Table top in oak veneer with clear lacquer, optional drawers in solid oak with clear lacquer.

Paul McCobb (1917-1969) was a prominent figure in mid-century modern American furniture design during the 1950s and 1960s. Over two decades, he created an impressive array of multi-functional furniture, accessories, and textiles, as well as several notable interior design projects. McCobb's designs often featured a playful reinterpretation of traditional forms, blending Scandinavian craftsmanship with international style clarity. He favored affordable and robust materials such as iron, solid wood, and durable upholstery. Although McCobb's early death in 1969 led to a hiatus in production, his iconic mid-century modern designs are now making a resurgence.

Paul McCobb

Karakter stands out in the industry for its ability to honor classic design heritage while pushing the boundaries of modern design. Their collection includes works from iconic figures such as Joe Colombo, Bodil Kjær, and Achille Castiglioni, as well as contemporary talents like Aldo Bakker and Paul McCobb. This blend of historical reverence and forward-thinking creativity allows Karakter to offer products that are not only functional and durable but also imbued with a sense of history and innovation. By prioritizing sustainable practices and materials, Karakter ensures that its contributions to interior spaces are both beautiful and environmentally conscious.

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