LEA Design

Balloon Chair by Hans Olsen

The balloon chair was designed by Hans Olsen in 1955, and is a great piece of Danish design characterized by a round silhouette and features a beautiful blend of materials and craftsmanship. Handcrafted in Denmark, the round steel frame of the chair features a black suede seat and the armrests are made of solid teak. The leather seat has been fastened with laces that make a decorative detail to the back of the chair. Thanks to its lightweight structure and fascinating appearance from front to the back, this chair looks great from all angles. This piece piece is perfect for the studio, office or any space in your home. 

Dimensions: 30”W x 25”D x 25”H

Condition: Suede has a patina and some traces of use and markings, no major rips or tears. Structure and armrests are in great condition, some minor oxidation.