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The Iconic Danish Designer Hans Wegner

Nov 14, 2022Habitus Shop

Anyone who loves mid-century modern design is likely familiar with the name Hans Wegner. Wegner was a Danish designer who was responsible for some of the most iconic pieces of furniture from the mid-20th century. Here is a brief overview of Hans Wegner, one of the most influential designers of his generation.

Hans Jørgensen Wegner was born in Tønder, Denmark in 1914. He originally trained as a cabinetmaker, and he put his skills to use early on by designing furniture for family and friends. In 1938, he enrolled in the Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts, where he studied under legendary Danish designer Arne Jacobsen. After completing his studies, Wegner opened his own design studio in 1943.

The following year, he debuted his first major piece at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibition – a chair that would come to be known as the “Round Chair.” Although it was not an immediate success, the Round Chair went on to become one of Wegner's most iconic designs. In fact, it is still in production today, more than 75 years after its debut.

Wegner went on to design hundreds of pieces of furniture over the course of his career. He is perhaps best known for his chairs, which are characterized by their simple yet stylish Scandinavian aesthetic. Many of his chairs – including the Wishbone Chair, Ox Chair, and Shell Chair – are still produced today and are considered design classics.

Sadly, Wegner passed away in 2007 at the age of 92. However, his legacy continues on through his timeless designs, which are as popular today as they were when they were first created.

Hans Wegner was one of the most influential designers of his generation. His simple yet stylish Scandinavian designs are as popular today as they were when they were first created. If you love mid-century modern design, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about this talented man and his remarkable body of work.

The Famous Furniture Designs of Hans Wegner

The Shell Chair
The Shell Chair, or "The Chair," as it is sometimes called, was designed by Hans Wegner in 1963. It is perhaps his most well-known design. The chair is made from a single piece of molded plywood with a leather or fabric upholstered seat. It is lightweight yet strong and comfortable. The chair has been featured in museum collections and magazines all over the world and has been described as "One of the 20th century's most beautiful articles of furniture."

Hans Werner shell chair mid century modern

The Wishbone Chair
The Wishbone Chair was designed by Hans Wegner in 1949. It is made from solid wood with a paper cord seat. The distinctive Y-shaped back gives the chair its name and provides support and comfort. The chair is light enough to be moved around easily but sturdy enough to last for years. It has become one of the most popular chairs in the world and is considered an icon of mid-century modern design.

Hans Werner wishbone chair mid century modern

The Ox Chair
The Ox Chair was designed by Hans Wegner in 1958. It is a large, comfortable chair with a high back and wide seat. It is upholstered in leather or fabric and has wooden armrests for added comfort. The chair gets its name from its resemblance to an ox yoke (the wooden frame that crosses over an ox's shoulders). The Ox Chair is a classic example of Danish modern design and is still being produced today by the Danish company Fritz Hansen.

Hans Werner ox chair mid century modern

Hans Wegner was a master craftsman and designer whose furniture pieces are treasured for their beauty, functionality, and durability. 

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