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Stoff Nagel

STOFF Nagel Wall Hanger, Chrome


The wall hanger has been carefully developed to expand the visual possibilities of the candle holder. Inspired by the iconic STOFF Nagel design the wall hanger makes it possible to create unique sculptures from vertical surfaces with infinite pieces of the candle holder, bowl, and vase. The wall hanger is understated and discreet encouraging the exploration of individual ways to exhibit your STOFF Nagel collection.

Build up your sculpture from the base of the wall hanger with your collection of candle holders. We recommend placing a maximum of 25 and a minimum of 5 candle holders on the wall hanger when creating your wall sculpture to obtain the best visual base.

Material: Zink alloy
Dimensions: H: 5.7" x D: 4.5"

Cleaning and maintenance:
This product does not require much maintenance. However you may need to clean it from time to time to remove candle drips and dust. If you get stains from candles, you can remove candle drips by placing the stand in hot water with a drop of detergent until wax softens. Finish by wiping with a dry, soft cloth.

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