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Stoff Nagel

STOFF Nagel Vase, Bronzed Brass


The STOFF Nagel vase is designed as a natural continuance of the characteristic STOFF Nagel expression and can be combined with both the candle holders, the bowl, and the stand. The vase adds an extra dimension to the classic design and allows you to include a colorful flower decoration of your choice to your sculpture. Depending on the season and trends both fresh and dried flowers goes beautifully into the vase.

Cleaning and maintenance:
This special piece is made of solid brass that has undergone a process of oxidation to achieve the bronzed finish. The brass is left untreated and will patinate over time. You can easily remove candle drips by placing the vase in hot water with a drop of detergent. After removing drips please refrain from polishing your vase as this will ruin the bronzed finish. Please note that marks may occur on the leg after repeated stacking due to natural wear and tear unveiling the clean brass surface..

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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