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Mark Krebs



This rug was hand-woven in Northern India before finding its way to your floor. Its softness makes it ideal for lounging, laying, and elevating you off the ground.

The STICH rug is a series of hand woven wool rug strips, roughly the width of the human body.  This size is ideal for the rug weaver to work quickly and independently.  After weaving, the strips are placed side by side and hand stitched together to make a full size area rug.  The strip lengths are slightly varied, which gives the weavers room for error when weaving and adds a unique edge detail to the rug.  The two tone neutral stripe pattern is also varied, which brings more understated complexity to this otherwise subtle design.

80% Indian wool (the weft)
20% Un-dyed Cotton (the warp)

100% of the materials used to make STICH are natural, which means the colors and patterns in your rug will be slightly different from your friend’s, for example.

If in stock, please allow 1-3 weeks for delivery. If not in stock, please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.


Mark Krebs is a Montreal based rug designer known for their commitment to sustainability and longevity in design, crafting vibrant and playful rugs intended to be cherished for generations. Their work emphasizes both aesthetic appeal and enduring quality, aiming to blend functionality with artistic expression.

Mark Krebs