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Fredericia Furniture

Post Dining Table

The Post Table illustrates the idea of eliminating anything extra to solely focus on the essential. A classic design expressed with modern minimalism, the table is made from solid oak, featuring loads of legroom in the wide space between the legs on either end. The table top is available in three lengths, supported by the same cylindrical legs as the Post Chair.

88.6" L x 39.37" W x 28.74" H
Distance between legs: 54.3"
Overhang at ends: 14.9"
Height to middle support beam: 21.77"

Legs and table top in solid wood.
Knock-down, delivered unassembled.

FSC® Certified
EN 15372:2016 (L2)


Cecilie Manz is celebrated as one of Denmark's foremost designers, recognized for her blend of Scandinavian functionality and modern aesthetics. Her influential career highlights include the award-winning Micado side table for Fredericia in 2004 and the 2019 launch of the Post Collection, showcasing her ability to imbue functional objects with subtle yet distinctive beauty. Her work continues to garner international acclaim, earning her prestigious awards for innovative and conceptual design.


Fredericia Furniture, a family-owned and B Corp-certified design company established in 1911, is a co-founder of Danish Modern Design, emphasizing transparency, authentic materials, and human empathy. Their heritage includes enduring classics and a vast design archive, with knowledge passed down through generations. Passionate about crafting contemporary originals, Fredericia creates authentic, sustainable designs that resonate globally.

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