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Julius The Monkey


Introducing Julius the Monkey – a lovable creature, filled with curiosity and wonder and an energetic charisma.

Regardless of who is in his company, Julius is usually the center of attention. He doesn’t need to call up his friends to have them join him on his adventures – they just find him and join on the fun.

Make sure that when you take Julius home, you place him right in the middle of everything, right where he likes to be, in the centre of things, surrounded by fun, mischief and laughter.

Julius the Monkey is a great addition to the Boyhood family. Paul Frank, Julius’ father, is all about returning to innocence, reminding us all to be playful, happy and fearless in our lives. That makes Julius a perfect match in our Boyhood community of contemporary wooden design collectibles.

Julius hails from Planned Pines but if you surround him with sarcasm, wink-wink and dad jokes, and allow him to be mischievous from time to time, he will feel right at home.

H: 6" x W: 3" x L: 3"

Walnut and Oak Details


Boyhood is a Danish company celebrated for its unique and imaginative wooden designs that capture the essence of childhood wonder and creativity. Founded with a passion for craftsmanship and a love for playful design, Boyhood creates charming and nostalgic pieces that resonate with both children and adults. Boyhood brings a touch of Scandinavian magic to homes around the world.