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Humdakin Scented Candle, Yucca


The HUMDAKIN Yucca candle prolongs the feeling of a clean home. Staying true to the Humdakin brand DNA, the scented candle is created with 100% natural, vegetable and sustainably sourced ingredients.The wax blend is GMO-free, non-toxic and burns clean and even.

Yucca is the scent of Sunday morning, doing the laundry while feeling a gentle breeze coming through the open garden door. The scent is clean but not overpowering. Light this scented candle when you’re done cleaning, when guests are coming or when you want to treat yourself. There are two scents in our scented candle range, Manov and Yucca.

Ingredients: Soybean, RSPO certi ed Palm oil, Rapeseed, Shea Butter, Palm Kernel, Coconut, Perfume

Burn time: approx 55 hour.


Humdakin is a Danish company specializing in eco-friendly household cleaning and personal care products, known for combining Scandinavian design with sustainable practices. Founded in 2016 by Camilla Schram, the company offers a wide range of products that are gentle on both the environment and users, including plant-based cleaning solutions and allergen-friendly skincare items.

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