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Gummy Bear, Small Oak


The Gummy Bear is an iconic piece of candy. It is a frequent guest when we go to the movies, when we light some candles and cuddle under the blanket on the sofa on a Friday. We have immortalized this childhood institution, and the Gummy Bear can now serve – not only as an iconic piece of elusive candy – but also as a permanent eye candy fixture in your design collection.

H: 6" x W: 3" x L: 2.5"

European FSC White Oak


Boyhood is a Danish company celebrated for its unique and imaginative wooden designs that capture the essence of childhood wonder and creativity. Founded with a passion for craftsmanship and a love for playful design, Boyhood creates charming and nostalgic pieces that resonate with both children and adults. Boyhood brings a touch of Scandinavian magic to homes around the world.