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Audo Copenhagen

Aer Bowl, Smoke


Taking its cues from the spiralling movement of air, the undulating Aer Bowl in smoke coloured glass brings sculptural appeal to surfaces—whether filled with treats or placed on a surface as a decorative object.


2.64''H x 8.27''W x 6.5''L



Gabriel Tan, born in 1982, established his namesake studio in 2016. Spanning disciplines and borders, the studio innovates by blending tradition, craft, and technology. Creating furniture and objects for global brands in Europe, the US, and Japan, Gabriel Tan Studio revitalizes local crafts and integrates cultural narratives. With bases in Singapore and Portugal, the studio emphasizes storytelling to amplify the cultural and social significance of its designs.


Audo Copenhagen is a renowned Danish design company specializing in creating high-quality, minimalist furniture, lighting, and accessories. Formed from the merger of Menu and by Lassen, Audo emphasizes Scandinavian design principles, combining functionality with timeless aesthetics. The company collaborates with a diverse range of designers to produce innovative and sustainable products that are appreciated worldwide.

Gabriel Tan
Audo Copenhagen