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Admiral, Small, Oak


Mom’s and dad’s newspapers could easily get a whole new life when they ended up in creative children’s hands. A simple local section could turn into the most amazing sailboat, ready for trips in a tub, puddle or even in a real lake if you were lucky enough to live nearby one.

With Admiral we are heading for an aesthetic rendering of the childhood paper boat, here created in solid oak and with a hidden magnet that holds the sail in place.

H: 2.8" x W: 2" x L: 5.5"

European FSC White Oak


Boyhood is a Danish company celebrated for its unique and imaginative wooden designs that capture the essence of childhood wonder and creativity. Founded with a passion for craftsmanship and a love for playful design, Boyhood creates charming and nostalgic pieces that resonate with both children and adults. Boyhood brings a touch of Scandinavian magic to homes around the world.